Do It Yourself Awning Installation for you Internet Savy Readers

I know that you like to spend your time on your laptops and gadgets, but there will come a time that you have to stop and get out in the real world. One of these moments is when you decide to install an awning that you saw online.

An awning is a roof-like cover of canvas or acrylic cloth over or in front of a building wall or any place of shelter. It is stretched over steel, iron, aluminum or even wood. Its strategic location and attractive design can be an advertising medium for a businessman. However, an awning can also be used to beautify your homes patio. Do-it-yourself awning kits in a variety of styles, colors and materials that suit your budget are readily available. This way, your creative cravings are satisfied at a lower cost.

Tools for awning installation

There are ready-made, custom-crafted quality window awnings and patio coverings available in the market in knock-down or retractable form, such that they can be shipped via truck freight. All awning units come with complete installation procedures. All you need are basic tools like a drill, screwdriver and pliers. To fit an awning on a brick or concrete surface, however, it is required to use a power hammer drill with a 14-mm masonry drill bit, a spirit level, a mallet, chalk line, a tape measure, a few ring spanners, two steady stepladders and a stiff brush.

Installing and caring for the awning

The first thing to do in installing the awning is to set it before the window and mark the exact place where it should be fitted. The brackets are then mounted, making sure that the ladder is steady. Proceed with the installation and make the necessary adjustments. These ready-made awnings can be easily retracted in case of windy weather conditions. Vinyl awnings are the preferred types because they do not leak, are economical to use especially for large canopy cover and are appropriate both for homes and commercial establishments. If the awning edges open out, they can be easily mended using Plastiseam.

Advantages of awning self-installation

Being aware of the fact that an awning provides ultraviolet and waterproof protection and is also an energy-efficient device in cooling ones home, the homeowner is the best person to know where it would be suitably placed. Installing your own awning guarantees your maximum satisfaction.

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