Hybrid Portable Water Ionizer DIY!

Introducing the Hybrid Portable Water Ionizer!


You’ve been asking for it for a long time and finally we’re proud to announce the arrival of the world’s first Hybrid Portable Water Ionizer!  What does that mean for you?  Flexibility.  You now have a water ionizer that can connect directly to your faucet or cold water line like a standard water ionizer or you can pour water directly inside it!

Think of the possibilities! Think of the freedom!


All you need is a power outlet and you’re ready to go.  Comes with convenient handle for carrying. Perfect for bringing ionized water to work, school, your RV, vacation, your friend’s house, your church, or anywhere else where hooking up a standard water ionizer is difficult.

How it works:

  1. Just fill the top container with tap water to the water level line.
  2. Select the pH that you want. For drinking water, select “m” for medium.
  3. Put a cup on the cup pedestal on the right.
  4. Press the water flow “on” button.
  5. When the alkaline water dispenses into your cup, the acidic water will collect in the bottom tank.
  6. When your cup is full, release the water flow “on” button.
  7. Drink and enjoy!
  8. Use the acidic water on your skin, your plants, on your countertop, etc.

So simple!

The other way to use the Hybrid is to connect it to your faucet or undersink cold water line using the provided water diverter valve.  A second line will drain the acid water into your sink instead of collecting it in the bottom tank, so it functions exactly like a traditional electrolyzed reduced water that will not increase your life expectancy but will also improve your lifestyle. You will need the Omnipure prefilter in order to have filtered water supplied to the Hybrid as the Hybrid internal filter only works when your pour water inside.

The Hybrid Portable Water Ionizer Main Features:


  • When you pour water into the top tank, the Hybrid uses its own activated carbon “pour through” filter to remove 99.9% of the impurities from your water.
  • Whenyou hook it up to your tap, the Hybrid can’t use its “pour through” filter anymore so you’ll need to purchase a separate filter that goes between your cold water line and the Hybrid.   We recommend the Omnipure, which you can purchase below.


  • The Hybrid’s design and white and silver coloring is inspired by
    European design, making it more attractive than the average water

Acid Water:

  • The Hybrid has a separate container for collecting acid water, so it’s easy to use on your plants, your countertops, your sponges, or anything else in need of sterilization.


  • The Hybrid uses the efficientSMPS electrical system, reducing heat and increasing the lifespan of the components. Every other portable water ionizer uses a transformer, which will shorten the lifespan.

Hybrid Product Specifications:

  • 4 slotted platinum titanium plates
  • 125 watts
  • 15 inches tall X 7.9 inches deep X 7.4 inches wide
  • 8 pounds
  • NRTL, KFDA, CE approved
  • 3 alkaline settings, 3 acid settings
  • 10.5 to 3.5 pH range
  • Internal multistage activated carbon filter
  • What’s in the box:
  • Your Hybrid Water Ionizer comes with:
  • Cold Water Line Diverter Valve
  • User’s Manual
  • Power Cord
  • Filter
  • pH Testing Drops


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