You may have found things online or in Farmville that you really like, one of those things are yard and garden accessories. Just looking at it from your computer is one thing, but when you get the real deal it’s really amazing.

Classic copper weathervanes

A weathervane with a rooster on the top is an American icon, one that serves a more ornamental than practical purpose nowadays. Weathervanes are treasured for their old fashioned appeal, bringing a warm, down-home feel to the outside decor of any house. Unfinished copper weathervanes always age with a naturalistic patina, while other weather vanes are treated to withstand the elements and never show aging. No matter if it’s in the front yard, on your roof, on the patio table or a pole in the garden, with the proper hardware you can mount a weather vane almost anywhere you want. A weathervane you mount on your rooftop will have to be larger than one you have out on the patio for decoration. Among the favorite places for a weathervane is set up on a pole in your garden mounted to a pole the way they did it in the old days. There are many commercial businesses that put weathervanes on the roof as a way draw attention.

Angel garden statues will enhance your backyard
There is no finer way to enhance the look of your yard or garden than with angel garden statues, those divinely inspired figures of tranquility and peace. Anyone can appreciate the inspirational nobility of an angel statue, not only the people who find religious significance in them but anyone who can admire their timeless beauty. Because angel garden statues are available in any number of shapes, styles, and colors, you can readily find ones to blend in with other elements like fragrant flowers, water fountains, water ponds and waterfalls to create a peaceful sanctuary away from the daily grind. The more costly angel statues are made of material long treasured for their timeless beauty, such as ivory, marble, or bronze, but even garden statues constructed of cheaper material, such as ceramic, polyresins, porcelain, and granite, look fantastic. Polyresin garden statues are often regarded as an excellent economical alternative since they are readily given a faux finish to look like more expensive material such as marble and ivory. There are lots of other popular garden figures, such as gnomes, fairies, cherubs, and gargoyles, but only angel garden statues can enliven a sense of optimism and divinity. There are also several kinds of angel poses, such as kneeling with hands held in prayer, standing with wings uplifted to represent joyfulness, or wings folded down to indicate humility. Angel garden statues are usually associated with an old fashioned design motif, but there are lots of styles on the market with a more modern look as well.

Do you enjoy watching birds? Attract them with a heated bird bath

Most of the birds in your neighborhood are in the category of “welcome wildlife,” animals whose habitation around one’s property is highly desirable and sought after, which is why birdbaths enjoy so much popularity. In most circumstances birds need puddles of water to drink and bathe in, but with a properly maintained birdbath they enjoy first class treatment, which in turn is fun for humans to watch. If you choose to build your own birdbath, remember that you don’t want the water to be above three inches deep, and the surface of the bowl can’t be too steep or smooth, or else the birds will not have proper footing. It is a good idea to fill the bottom of the bird bath with fine gravel to provide good footing, and put in several flat rocks so the birds can perch in shallow water. When you have a birdbath that’s heated in the wintertime you are helping the birds survive because they require fresh, unfrozen water to live, so maintain the temperature from 40 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The majority of pre-built heated birdbaths are out-fitted with a 120 v., 200 w. de-icer to warm up the birdbath, with a stainless steel guard to protect the heater from errant birds. These de-icers use a thermostat that keeps the birdbath water properly heated on a consistent basis without generating any electronic interference to your radio or TV. Sealed in epoxy, the birdbath de-icers are waterproof and utilize stabilizing brackets, a hook and a handle to avoid accidents the birds could cause.

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